Acronym / Terminology Buster

UFOUnFinished ObjectThose crafty projects started so enthusiastically, but then tragically abandoned part way through 🙁
PIGsProjects In Grocery SacksSimilar to a UFO but terminology more familiar to our lovely American cousins (yeh, this problem is global!)
PIG RatingterminologyA measure of how flippin’ difficult something is.
1 = Ooh, that was quite easy; 10 = that was piggin’ difficult
eg. creating this page the way I want it to look = PIG Rating 9.5
WIPWork In ProgressWith me, it nearly always is. Hence the purpose of this blog
SBOHSignificantly Better Other HalfRefers to my fab SBOH. Goes without saying!
StashterminologyA pile(s) of fabric/yarn etc that you’ve diligently squirrelled away for a rainy day. It might be leftovers from past projects
Stash BusterterminologyA project that is perfect for using up your stash
Bagging outterminologyA technique for hiding seams in projects that use linings.
(‘How To’ to follow!)

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