PIG Rating: 9.5

ok, I failed at the first hurdle and didn’t manage to finish Pigling Bland by the end of January. I was going to spend last weekend working on it, and then get it framed so I could feel ultra smug. Instead, spent the weekend away at the SBOH’s place enjoying myself. Serves me right, as mysteriously lost my phone somewhere between the flat and the car… Got home on Monday to find the boiler not working… And so it goes on.

Having to console myself by managing to set up another couple of pages on the blog (frankly, a major achievement). Just don’t get me started on how frustrating and time-consuming WordPress and ‘Elementor’ are. Just when you think it’s all looking good, it won’t publish the way you want it to. That’s why the acronym page looks a bit rubbish. Talk about PIG Rating 9.5! But hey ho, it’s all Work In Progress (WIP).

Right, enough blether, back to that embroidery…

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