Screen Cosies

TV and monitor screens are ugly and uninspiring aren’t they? I like to cover them up. The original screen cosy below is made out of spare off cuts of patchwork that I had left over from a quilt. It worked out ok, and just slips over the screen when not in use.

Original screen cosy

This green and red pinwheel patchwork (below) was a sample piece that I made years ago for practice. During lockdown and now working from home a few times a week, I use it to cover up the computer monitor as it helps to mark the end of the working day. I have been throwing it over the screen for the last three years so it was about time I made it into a proper cosy. In the image underneath you can just see the lining.

Pinwheel screen cosy
Pinwheel screen cosy – side view showing lining.

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